Microsoft .Net and SQL Server Consulting

For now, this site just serves as a sandbox for me to try new things and, hopefully, show off a few development skills. If you're looking for help with a project in ASP.Net, SQL Server, Silverlight or general C#, please do feel free to send me a note.

Site Updates

After not updating this site for more than 2.5 years, I finally reworked it to use some HTML 5, and CSS 3.0 where possible. The main intent was to make it mobile browser friendly though. The site is now built on the ASP.Net MVC 3 framework as well. The previous Master Pages have been replaced with layout templates and content pages are now MVC Views.

Models and controllers are shared between desktop and mobile clients but seperate views are served up depending on the device. MVC 3 made this pretty easy to implement, with the help from some code by Dino Esposito and the WURFL device description repository.

I have very quickly become a fan of the new Razor view engine. Personally, I really like intertwining C# code with markup right in the view and I think it's easier to see what's happening. And having intellisense in the view editor is great, especially when strongly typing a view by specifying the model.

Unfortunately, I only have a few actual devices to test with. That means I can say the site looks pretty good on an iPhone 4s, a G-Slate tablet and a Nook Color. The Nook has the least testing by far since it belongs to my wife and I just borrow it for a few minutes at a time to give the site a run through. The Android tablet isn't nearly as smooth as I'd like with jQuery Mobile page transitions but that seems to be a known issue. Hopefully I can tweak a few things and make it look a little nicer.

So, please check out the whole site with different devices and see how it adapts for you. And if something isn't working right for you, please let me know about it.