Fun With DDR

This site relies on the WURFL device description repository, which figures out your device/browser capabilities from the user agent string received from your browser. Below is an interesting subset of the data WURFL provides for your current session.

While WURFL provides a pretty rich data set, for now at least, this site depends only on the is_wireless_device parameter to decide whether to serve up desktop views or mobile.

Your User Agent String

CCBot/2.0 (


Model Robot Bot or Crawler
Released 2000 january
pointing_method mouse
qwerty keyboard true
Type No tablet
SIM support false
Max Data Rate 9
Has Wifi false
Streaming Vid false
Receive MMS false
Send MMS false
Has Camera false
Has SMS false
Smart TV false
Markup html_web_4_0
Cookie true
Landscape false
Screen 800 x 600
Inline images false
Wifi false
Ajax standard
Javascript true
CSS gradient none