What is this?

The Task Manager is an ASP.Net MVC 3 application with user interfaces optimized for desktop and mobile devices. When phase one is finished, the app will allow managment of a single task list via your desktop, tablet or smart phone. The UI is close to being done but I still have some wiring to do on the server side.

Preview Task Manager

Upcoming Features

The ability to create, assign and monitor tasks for other users will be the core of phase two. The general use case is a parent assigning tasks for one or more children with the ability to monitor status.

In the final phase, offline support will be included for mobile devices supporting HTML 5 local storage. The idea is to allow creation of tasks on a mobile device while on a plane with no Internet service, then sync with the server once a connection is available.

Tech Talk

MVC 3 turned out to be a very nice framweork for building this app. The same model and controller are used for desktop and mobile devices. Only the views are different and that is handled by the custom view engine, written by Dino Esposito, to utilize WURFL data.

Like the rest of this site, the mobile views make heavy use of jQuery Mobile, and a few media queries to adjust for different screen sizes.